Our Health Breaky With Lola Berry

We decided that it was about time to show off our gorgeous new shop and we thought that a health and wellness morning that celebrated all things good for you was the way to go. I was so excited when the ever energetic nutritionist and health promoter Lola Berry agreed to come and say a few words.  Here are some pics of the day.

Anna Baird and Lola Berry

The gorgeous Lola Berry and me.


Great looking crowd.

A great looking crowd!

John Drakoulis

Me and my gorgeous friend (and hairdresser) John Drakoulis.

My side kick in all thing Bared - Alex Marginean

Alex – My side kick in all things Bared.

Mish Lilley from Mish Delish couldn’t have matched her bag and nails any better to our emerald green ‘Toucan’ sandal.

Dena Kaplan

The gorgeous Dena Kaplan in our Mustard Toucan


Charlotte Bridgeman (Winston and Willow)


Sarah Edgar and Clare Hillier (Checks and spots)

Bared Footwear

Sarah Edgar (AMPR) and Lisa Hamilton (See Want Shop)

A big thankyou to the beautiful Sarah Edgar and Abbey Thomas from AMPR. These girls are amazing!

Bared Footwear

Ella Damiani (SNOB fashion), Anna Weatherlake and Andie Towner (SNOB Fashion)

Bared Footwear

Bronte McCallum (Lionlionbazaar)

Beautiful people. Bannie William,

Bannie William (The Healthy Ingredient) Georgia Smail (Who’s Your.com) and Natasha Mason (Nourish Melbourne)


Our superstar store manager Michelle.

Prue Chilcott, Lisa Hamilton and Jess Dempsey

Prue Chilcott (Melbournegirl), Lisa Hamilton (See Want Shop) and Jess Dempsey (What Would Karl Do?)

ActivEats. Amazing!!

ActivEats. Amazing!!

Thanks to Monique and Jack from Activeats and Gemma from Smoothboy for the delicious refreshments.

The Delicious Smoothboy Smoothies. Thanks Gemma!

The Delicious Smoothboy Smoothies.

Bared Footwear

A final thankyou to Lisa Frieling Photography you are a gem.

Hurry up summer!!
Anna xx

1098 High Street


Long time no post. We have been very busy moving and settling in to our gorgeous new store.

Bared Footwear

Our New Store

Our succulent door

Our succulent door

The succulent wall finally came together and looks pretty cool even if I do say so myself.

Succulent door

orthotic shoes

The launch of our first men’s range and our new website are only a few weeks away so we decided to take a few photos. Alex and I couldn’t think of two guys better suited to model our men’s range than Nick her partner and Andrew my reluctant husband but I think that they scrubbed up alright. Georgia was her usual amazing self!

Bared Men

Andrew and Nick in action

Orthotic shoes

Nick making sure the smiles looked natural.

Bared Men's

orthotics shoes

Orthotic friendly shoes

The Hydrogen boot

Sand Hydrogen Boot Front  Sand Hydrogen Front

shoes that fit orthotics

orthotic friendly shoes

shoes that fit orthotics

comfortable sandals

Our new Stork!

orthotic shoes

White Stork.

comfortable shoes

Orthotic friendly shoes

Our Toucan sandal in mustard.

comfortable sandals

The Lovebird.

We can’t wait to introduce the men of Melbourne to Bared. With seven different styles arriving, including desert boots, boat shoes, loafers and brogues we think that we have something for everyone. Not long to wait now.

Anna x

Granny’s and Guys.

We have been bursting at the seems in our Armadale store for some time. A shipping container in our carpark has given us a bit more room but with our Men’s range being launched in October we had to find a much bigger store.

The iconic Granny’s antique shop almost directly opposite our store was the obvious choice. The fun has begun!

The before photo

The before photo

Our gorgeous brick wall revealed!

Our gorgeous brick wall revealed!

Hello brick wall

Friday's with the kids and my amazingly organised builder.

Friday’s with the kids and my amazingly organised builder.

A new store means some fun new projects. My wonderful father in law has helped out with my vertical garden. It is now all planted it just has to stay alive so that I can insert it into the door in 8 weeks time.

David's handy work ready for planting.

David’s handy work ready for planting.

My newly planted vertical succulent wall.

My newly planted vertical succulent wall.

We needed some models in a hurry to shoot our mens samples so Andrew (my husband) and Alex’s partner Nick were called in for a Sunday morning shoot. It was family affair with our superdog Frankie, my little fairy Eliza and cool skater boy Gilbert all in on the action.

The boys in action.  (We were only shooting their feet).

The boys in action.
(We were only shooting their feet).

Our new men's 'Oxygen' oxford.

Our new men’s ‘Oxygen’ oxford.

Bared Footwear Men's and Frankie!

Bared Footwear Men’s and Frankie!

Some sneak peaks more of our men's range.

Some sneak peaks more of our men’s range.

My cheeky fairy.

My cheeky fairy.

My super cool 4 year old didn't want to miss the camera action.

My super cool 4 year old didn’t want to miss the camera action.

We have an exciting few months ahead at Bared. Keep checking in for updates.

Anna Baird xx

The Trend Spotter on instagram wearing Bared 'Raven' boots.

Blogger’s in Bared!

Lately we have been having quite a few blogger sharing posts of themselves wearing Bared.

I think it’s a shame when bloggers do all these great posts and unless you are following them you may miss the opportunity to see them. I have listed below some recent bloggers who have featured Bared in their styled posts. Please follow through their links and check out their blogs to see the rest of their work.


DASHA GOLD The Trend Spotter 

Dasha has given us a sneak peek of her up coming styled post featuring our ‘Raven’ boot by creating an Instagram video of her outfit. Click on the following link to view this really cute colourful video: http://instagram.com/p/a42bYlA3S4/?autoplay=true. Keep an eye out for the full styled post due to go live on  The Trend Spotter later this week.

The Trend Spotter on instagram wearing Bared 'Raven' boots.

Dasha Gold on instagram wearing Bared ‘Raven’ boots.


CLAIRE Checks and Spots

Claire did this clever post for us featuring our best selling ‘Kingfisher’ boot in ghost grey on her blog Checks and Spots. How cool is the reflection!





ALLY CAREY Substance 

Ally is one of our most supported bloggers featuring both our ‘Raven’ and ‘Hawk’ boots in various styled posts on her blog  Substance. Here is a taster of a few styled posts she has done featuring our shoes.

substance substance substance tumblr_mms507B4EP1s7zafco3_1280 substanceSubstance Substance blog



FENELLA McCALL My Dress up Box

Fenella is showcasing our navy ‘Raven’ boot in this fun styled post she did on her blog  My Dress up Box.

My dress up box My dress up boxMy dress up box



It is always so exciting to see the way bloggers style our shoes- they are all so clever! If you like any of the above posts please click through the links to be directed to the blog.


Alex xx


Some Tips For Your Tootsies


I thought todays post should talk about a common foot condition that you may actually have and not know about. If you suffer from any burning, tingling and /or numbness in your your toes or sometimes feel like your are walking on a stone then this post might be of some help.

feet2 copy

You may have a Morton’s Neuroma. A Neuroma is a thickening (fibrosis) of the tissue surrounding the interdigital nerve. Symptoms are often exacerbated when wearing shoes that are narrow in the toe area. High heels that are narrow are usually the worst culprit. The picture below shows you the most common position for a neuroma.

Morton's Neuroma

Morton’s Neuroma

If you are thinking that you may have this problem there are some solutions.

-Try and wear shoes that are not too narrow in the toe

-A metatarsal dome is a lump that can be placed under the ball of the foot on an insole or orthotic device (our Bared footbeds have this built in). This metatarsal dome helps to splay the bones in the feet to prevent the neuroma being caught inbetween  these bones (this is what causes that horrible sharp shooting pain into the toes).

-If wider shoes and metatarsal domes don’t help then speak to a podiatrist about trying injections of local anaesthetic (this can help to decompress the nerve tissue and can give short term relief). Finally Morton’s neuroma’s can be surgically removed. The procedure is fairly simple but they can come back and form a stump neuroma and you will have some loss of sensation in the toes which is not ideal as we do need protective sensation in our tooties!

I hope this helps to treat some feet!



Crazy Days


Our two favourite models were back last week to show off our new shoes.


The perfect place for a candy bracelet!

Bared Footwear

Bared Footwear

Loving our Tangerine Puffin loafers with Georgia’s Scanlon and Theodore peplin top

Bared Footwear

Bared Raven Boots

Bared Footwear

Frankie was back strutting his stuff.


Bared Footwear

Frankie taking a rest.

Bared Footwear

Our favourite models chilling out.









I know that I am busy when I get yet another call from the Kinder because I have forgotten to pick up Gil. The little man then proved very helpful carrying boxes and ordering everyone around as we played tetris in our way too small shop! The time has definitely come to find somewhere bigger.

Anna Baird

Whoever is taking the photos is usually aware that we only take photos of my legs as I am the most uncomfortable looking model. This shot proves that it should stay that way!

Gilbert Baird

Our little helper

Travel shoot?

With the arrival of our new ‘Sandpiper’ sand shoe and some more ‘Wagtail’ brogues we decided that a travel themed shoot was in need. Somehow most of our shots look more rebellious school girl than world travel. Oh well they are still pretty cool.

Behind the scenes 1

Bared Footwear brogue

Bared Footwear

Bared Footwear Sandpiper

Bared Footwear

Poor George did a lot of leaping across the car park!

The dumpster never lets us down for a great photo.

Bared Footwear

Another dumpster shot

It was great to have Alex back on the team for a few days. Her internship at Russh mag has proven very handy behind the camera. Hopefully she gets Sydney out of her system soon and heads back to Melbourne or I need to hurry up and open a store in sydney!

Bared Footwear


Bared footwear

How I wear my ‘Flamingo’ sandals

Bared Footwear's Yellow Flamingo Sandal

Short shorts
$53 - conleys.de

Hermès couture jewelry

$52 - countryroad.com.au

A little bit of cute in every shoot!


I was cleaning out some of my old files the other day when I came across this photo of Frankie as a puppy taken in the Toorak store just before I opened it in 2008. In some ways it seems like yesterday that this picture was taken and in other ways it seems like a lifetime ago. We bought Frankie on a whim one day a few weeks before I opened the store. He spent the first year of his life in shop and proved a handy draw card to passers by.

Since this first photoshoot Frankie has proven a very handy prop for photographing shoes. He is at the right level to add a little bit of cute to every shoot!

These are some Frankie’s appearances in the Bared photo shoots.

A word of warning. These are the best dogs in the world but for those of you about to head out and find a puppy for yourselves make sure you take out a good pet insurance policy. We know all about this as poor little Frankie had to have spinal surgery a few months ago!

My Sausage Dog obsession has also found its way into other areas of my home.

I am constantly gluing these books ends back together but I do love them even if they are not sturdy like a book end should be.

Even my crafty collage for Gilbert’s room when he was tiny featured a sausage!

Balloons and Ponies

We decided that the car park out the back was not going to work for our summer shoot so we ventured out to the gorgeous ‘Paynes Rise Winery’ in the Yarra Valley. I think that I was still in the head space of organising my Daughter Eliza’s 1st birthday party when it came to styling this shoot. It seemed to end up very girly!   A swing, a rocking-horse, some pretty balloons, spring blossoms and some amazing clothes made for some fun shots.

‘Skin and Treads’ is one of my favourite destinations for summer and winter essentials. We were lucky enough to be able to borrow some of their gorgeous clothes for our shoot. Pop into their High street store next time you visit us or jump onto http://www.skinandtreads.com if you love their stuff as much as we do!

Skin and Treads

‘Skin and Treads’ outfits with our ‘Puffin’ Loafer and ‘Peacock’ sandals.

Skin and Treads

‘Skin and Treads’ jeans and jacket with our Flamingo sandal

We were very excited when ‘Obus’ recently moved into the shop next door to us. This is another great brand that you should check out. I love their unique prints and cuts and I am currently living in a grey knit dress that is part of their traveller range. Check them out at http://www.obus.com.au.

Obus jumpsuit with mint oxfords

Obus playsuit with out mint ‘Wagtail’ oxfords

Obus Jackfruit dress

The Gorgeous Obus dress and some behind the scenes.

Bared Espadrilles

Bared Espadrilles

Gilbert was not happy when someone let go of the balloons!

Some adjustments.

The runaway balloons

The runaway balloons!


The sandals have just arrived in store so I had better go and unpack them.

Enjoy your spring!

Anna xo