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6 Reasons You'll Love Our Thallium Boot


6 reasons you’ll love our Thallium Boot
6 reasons you’ll love our Thallium Boot

While Thallium, Bared’s signature Chelsea Boot, is undoubtedly a style you will love for its sheer versatility, there are so many more reasons to make an investment in a pair of our best-selling men’s boots.

1. Built to Last

Thallium is hand-crafted in Portugal, a place renowned for their rich history of crafting men’s footwear using premium materials and traditional techniques. These boots are meticulously constructed with various features to ensure durability, such as a reinforced heel cup and toe puff, a steel shank to provide torsional stability and premium leather that softens with wear. Our Thallium boot is designed to hold form once it's part of your regular rotation.

2. Engineered for Support

All Bared Footwear are fitted with our incredibly comfortable biomechanical footbed; expertly crafted to provide inherent support and cushioning. The thoughtfully designed contours aid foot function and provide mild support, while the heel cup provides shock absorption to aid in the prevention of heel pain.

Thallium Black Leather
Thallium Black Leather

3. Premium Leather

100% of our leathers are sourced from LWG-certified suppliers. This ensures that the tanneries adhere to a strict protocol, focusing on energy and water usage, waste management, the control of chemicals and more.

Thallium’s leather styles are also vegetable tanned. This method swaps out chemicals for natural tannins found in trees, fruit, and plants, which reduces the environmental impact of the process.

Vegetable tanned leather is known for its rich, natural hues and unique texture that cannot be replicated with other methods. By choosing this method, you're not only getting a high-quality product, but also supporting more sustainable practices.

4. Ageing Gracefully

Vegetable-tanned leather also ages beautifully, developing a unique patina over time as it interacts with air, light, and natural oils from your skin. This patina adds character and makes the leather adapt to your feet, providing a personalised and comfortable fit.

Thallium Tan Leather
Thallium Tan Leather


5. Kinder on the Planet

Thallium features our signature B.plantfoam™ footbed which is made from 72% plant-based materials (USDA-certified biobased). With a carbon footprint of 3.85kg CO2E, it reduces CO2 emissions by 70% when compared to traditional petroleum-based footbeds.

Thallium also features heel counters and toe puffs (the material inserted as a stiffener in the toe) crafted from a 5% cotton base and coated in 95% biodegradable polymers, meaning they will break down after their intended purpose.

Here at Bared it is our mission to create quality footwear you’ll wear for years, but it’s even more important to improve our materials and processes to be better for our planet. Thallium showcases just some of the steps we are taking towards a better future for our people and the planet.

6. Customised Comfort

And of course, we know, all of the above reasons to fall in love with Thallium are in vain if you don’t enjoy wearing them day in and day out.

Thallium arrives with our signature Fit Kit allowing you to customise your fit. The additional forefoot padding will provide a snugger fit, while our thinner footbed provides more space within the shoe, perfect for wide feet. The combination of a customised fit with carefully considered construction  makes Thallium ideal for all-day wear.

Along with thousands of happy customers, podiatrists also give ‘Thallium’ the (comfort) tick of approval.

Paolo Ghiselli | Podiatrist

“I have been blown away by how comfortable these boots are and I was able to wear them straight away without having to break them in. They have been suitable for a range of functions that I have attended and I just love the flexibility of the fitting pack that comes with them. As a podiatrist, I will definitely recommend these shoes to any of my patients.”

Kristian De Pasquale | Podiatrist

“Such a beautiful boot to wear. Comfortable the first time I put them on and can wear all day, no problems! Really well constructed and the leather is such great quality.”

Mike Curtin | Podiatrist

“I was looking for a boot that was comfortable, supportive and durable. I love the ‘Thallium’ because it encapsulates all these in a stylish and versatile boot. Cannot recommend them highly enough! I now have them in four colours to wear at any occasion.”

Jim Unkles | Podiatrist

“I’ve been wearing the Chocolate Thallium for the past 12 months and love the shape of the boot. The toe box is forgiving and the depth of the boot allows plenty of room, particularly to substitute an orthotic in as well. The leather softened quickly and tolerates bending and squatting at work comfortably.”

Darryn Sargant | Podiatrist

“My personal experience with ‘Thallium’ was comfort from the first step. Footbed was plush and stable. Slightly tight across my broad foot being a slip on boot, but within a day I was able to wear them all day. Very happy.”

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