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Expect The Unexpected



You know we like to do things differently, from creating ridiculously comfy shoes to moving mountains to find your perfect pair, no job is too big or small.

So when we came across Sofia Jin, part-time entertainer, part-time adventure athlete, we had to know where Bared could take her. Teamed with our fave dynamic videographer and ex-stuntman, Aslan Steel, Sofia ventured to the mountains of France and Switzerland to show off her favourite kicks.

While we certainly don’t suggest trying this at home, we must admit seeing our satin Wattle heels tackling a cliff face was an absolute laugh.

We sat down with the duo to chat about their adventure.


Sofia, please introduce yourself.

Hello! I’m Sofia and I wear many hats. I’m a presenter, adventure athlete and content creator (which really means doing any creative work, from digital to writing and photography.)

Tell us about the work you do and what your day to day looks like.

The work I do is so varied, there is no typical day! At the moment I’m producing mixed media focussing on travel, adventure and the outdoors. I’m sponsored to do that by The North Face and am part of Osprey’s athlete team, so the bulk of my time is consumed by dreaming up / training for / executing relevant projects.

As an entertainer, represented in acting and presenting - well, that side of things explains itself. I pursue whatever will let me tell a great story; that’s my passion.


You recently captured a story for Bared in France / Switzerland with your partner and videographer Aslan Steele  – what did you both love most about the countryside?

I loved the fact that even the rainy days were beautiful. Well, I suppose you can find beauty in a rainy day anywhere. Perhaps that’s the lesson!? I live in the city, where for me rainy days have recently meant staying in (especially with current social restrictions) and staring at skyscrapers… It can get a little oppressive, whereas the countryside is open.

Your mind feels freer, more receptive to the beauty in an overcast world. Aslan really appreciated those wide-open spaces too, especially because this year our usual spheres of movement have shrunk.  Getting back out there makes you realise how much of a privilege it is.

The best pieces of advice you have both received

Sofia: "Some things are in your control, some things aren't. If you spend too much of your time focusing on the latter and not enough on the former, life can get pretty miserable, pretty quickly." 2020 has proved the ultimate test for this one!

Aslan: Tools not jewels.


Your top tips for travelling/adventuring sustainably/looking after the environment

Leave no trace! You want to have as little effect as possible on your destination. Anything you carry in, you should carry out. Carry your own reusable bags, straws, utensils, and takeaway containers whenever you can. Also - social media is great for discovering awesome new places, but it’s unfortunately also good at ruining them.

Resist the urge to geotag places that already suffer from over-tourism. Travel is a big part of my job, I’m passionate about capturing and sharing the beauty of the natural world which means I also have a responsibility to protect it.

What's next?

It’ll be winter season for us, which is just a whole other world of possibilities in my roles as both a creative and an outdoors adventurer. I can’t say too much yet, but it looks to be an exciting few months ahead with plenty of icy wonderlands. I’ll be adventuring more bravely on both fronts, but especially pushing the limits creatively.


And of course, your must-have Bared shoes?

It’s a tie between the Wattle heels in electric blue - so chic, and that colour injects joy into any outfit - and the Dipper boots, which just look way too cool to be as comfy as they are. I feel like a boss bitch in both all day long - no more “oh my god let me take these off for 5 minutes so I can regain feeling” breaks for me. Thank you Bared!


TALENT // Sofia Jin // PHOTOGRAPHER/VIDEOGRAPHER // Aslan Steele // SHOES // Bared Footwear

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