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Bared Footwear


How To Care For Your Leather Boots


As the cool weather sets in, the leather boots come out.

While you’re on the hunt for your next pair, we have a few handy hints on how to break them in. Let’s call it, self (boot) care.


First and foremost, let’s make sure they’re the right size.

Don’t be fooled, while leather will soften naturally to the shape of your foot, it will never stretch in length. Pop your thumb at the end of your shoes, and if there’s at least a thumb width of space, you’re in the clear. Sizing down is a no from us.

Boots that are too big ain’t good either. Blisters are the evil creation of friction and exposed skin, so if you’re moving around in your boots, there’s no hope you’re breaking them in.

If you’re unsure about your size or you are in-between sizes, we’ll send you both to try! Just add a note at check-out, and we’ll send them along with your order.

Bared Footwear The Fit Kit

The Fit Kit is here to help.

By now, you may be familiar with our biomechanical footbed. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, this uber-comfy cloud of supportive goodness can be used to adjust the fit of your boots.

Even if you nail your size, you may prefer a firmer fit or need extra space, that’s where The Fit Kit comes in. Your one-stop shop for all your custom fitting needs, use the extra forefoot padding if you’re narrow, or try the thinner footbed to give you extra wriggle room.


Socks are your friend.

You might even say, sole mates… sorry. We know you’re eager to show off your brand-spankin' new boots, but a few wears around the house is an absolute must.

Leather naturally softens from gentle pressure, heat and well, sweat. A pair of thick socks (the thicker, the better) and a few errands around the house will do the trick. Your boots will mould to the shape of your foot, and you’ll be ready to clock some serious mileage.

Thank us later.


Bared Footwear White Cowboy Boot

Protect yourself.

Now, likely you’ve been wearing sandals all summer long, your feet aren’t used to firm leather boots and they’re in need of a little TLC. We got you.

After a couple of wears, you’ll find out quite quickly where the ouchy areas are. To protect your skin from firm leather, pop our Magic Gel Spots on the inside of your boots, it’s just like a cushion for your shoes.

We made a pretty nifty video to show you just how.

Snake Leather Boot Bared Footwear

Give them a break.

As much as you’d like to wear your boots every day of the week, fine leather boots need a break. To let them dry from natural perspiration, we suggest switching up your shoes every few days.

There you go, an excuse for more boots.


Look after them.

Great shoes deserve great care. We take careful consideration into every detail that goes into your shoes, from the ethically sourced leather to the comfiest footbed you’ll ever own, they’re crafted by experts.

Just by looking after them, they’ll stay comfy and keep walking. If there’s one thing you take away from this, it’s our shoe care mantra. Protect, clean, condition, repeat.

Before your debut, protect your boots with a good quality waterproof spray to prevent water absorption and marks. Keep them clean, and regularly remove any dirt with a cloth and leather cleaner. To prevent it from drying out and cracking over time, condition the leather to keep it hydrated with a leather conditioner.

If you're feeling fancy, a leather polish will remove any scuff marks and maintain the colour of your boots. We made our very own applicator brush to help.


It’s time to get your boot on.

Now that you’re all caught up, you’ve got some shopping to do.


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