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Planting Trees To Help Our Climate


Planting Trees To Help Our Climate
Planting Trees To Help Our Climate

From sourcing bio-based materials to supporting initiatives that help both people and the planet, we’re working towards a more sustainable future. That’s why we plant trees with Greenfleet.

Greenfleet is a leading environmental organisation that’s on a mission to protect our climate by restoring our forests. The not-for-profit organisation plants native biodiverse forests that are protected for up to 100 years, allowing every tree to grow to its full potential and have a long-term, positive impact on our climate and planet.

We’ve partnered with Greenfleet for over two years and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  Since 2020, we have offset 5,830 tonnes of carbon.

While it’s great, it’s not enough. Purchasing offsets doesn’t erase our footprint and it won’t make a big enough difference in the long run. It’s our mission to minimise our carbon emissions at every level and we’re committed to that.

Let’s take a look at our forest restoration project and what we’ve achieved so far.

Planting Trees To Help Our Climate
Planting Trees To Help Our Climate
Where are Bared’s trees located?

Greenfleet is planting trees on behalf of Bared in a native forest known as Anam Talamh. This growing land of green is located in Byron Bay Hinterland in Bundjalung Country.

The forest is being restored with endangered rainforest plant species that will create a beautiful habitat for local wildlife such as koalas, Wompoo Fruit Doves and more. The Anam Talamh project works to help restore neighbouring degraded ecosystems such as the Skinners Creek Habitat Corridor and the Big Scrub Subtropical Rainforest.

To date, Greenfleet has planted 500 biodiverse native forests in Australia and New Zealand and in June this year, they celebrated an incredible milestone of planting their 10 millionth tree.

“We’re doing more planting than ever right now, so we certainly hope to be counting a few hundred thousand more before the planting season finishes…. Then we’ll start preparing for next year.”

- Wayne Wescott, CEO of Greenfleet.

With so many trees under their care, Greenfleet ensures their biodiverse restorations are healthy and thriving with a Revegetation Team and professional tree-planting contractors to make certain they have successful establishments from the get-go.

“We also use aerial photography (including drones and satellite imagery) to track the development of our forests. Established Australian native forests are resilient and can survive dry periods, fire, and pests. If natural disasters such as fire, floods, and drought, or browsing by animals such as rabbits or deer damage the trees that we have planted, we will replace them or replant in another area.”

- Wayne Wescott, Greenfleet CEO.

Greenfleet’s CarbonCover 365 Program

It’s important to Greenfleet that their action toward a healthier, more sustainable environment is long-lasting. That’s why we support their CarbonCover 365 program.

For just $1 a day, you can offset your carbon emissions and Greenfleet will do all the hard work for you. If that’s not enticing enough, send us a copy of your receipt and we’ll take $65 off your next full-price Bared purchase.

Through this incentive, 400 tonnes of carbon emissions have already been captured on behalf of our customers.

What are the benefits?

CarbonCover is a simple and effective way to help fight the impacts of climate change. The main goal is to reduce or capture emissions from being released into the atmosphere, but there are other benefits of carbon offsetting.

By selecting Greenfleet’s CarbonCover 365 program, they will plant native forests on your behalf. These forests will create biodiverse ecosystems, restore habitat for native wildlife, improve soil and water quality, create employment for locals, and are legally protected for up to 100 years to deliver long-term environmental benefits.

Help us restore a forest that will be around for many generations for everyone to enjoy!

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Planting Trees To Help Our Climate
Planting Trees To Help Our Climate
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