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Let's Go Carbon Neutral

If you haven’t heard yet, we’ve gone neutral. In partnership with Greenfleet, we’ve committed $50,000 to plant thousands of native species and offset over 3,300 tonnes of carbon. Truth is, we need to do a lot more and we need your help.

Greenfleet CarbonCover 365
Greenfleet CarbonCover 365

Offset your carbon emissions for an entire year through Greenfleet’s CarbonCover 365 program and we’ll take $65 off your next full-price Bared purchase.

That's right, for just $1 a day you can help save our planet. Oh, and save on shoes too.

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How to sign up and redeem:
Purchase CarbonCover 365


Visit Greenfleet’s website to learn more, then click 'Purchase CarbonCover 365'.

CarbonCover 365 Add to cart


Select 'Personal', 'CarbonCover 365' then 'Add to Cart'. Then click 'Proceed to payment' and follow the prompts until you've made your purchase.

Forward your invoice


Forward your email receipt with the subject line 'Greenfleet Receipt' to to claim your voucher.

That’s it! In three easy steps, you will have offset your entire year’s worth of carbon emissions.

We’re so proud to stand with you.

Let’s break it down

What are carbon emissions?

Carbon emissions are the release of carbon into the atmosphere. These gases absorb heat emitted from the sun and are trapped in the Earth's atmosphere.

A.K.A. It’s getting hot in here.

What causes them?
What Causes Them?

We’re pretty much overloading our Earth. Before we came along, the exchange of carbon dioxide from oceans, plants and animals were self-regulated balanced cycles of releasing and reabsorbing.

When you heat your house, drive your car and hey, order UberEats, you’re emitting an unsustainable amount of carbon into the atmosphere and breaking this
 balanced cycle.

Why are they bad?
Why are they bad?

Our environment can’t handle them. Carbon that is not reabsorbed remains in our atmosphere beneath our ozone layer.

Harming the only barrier we have from the sun, these gases increase our average temperatures and disrupt weather patterns, ultimately affecting the lives of animals, plants, crops and well, us. But it’s not too late.

How can we help?
How can we help?

Reduce them. Plant trees. Limit your driving. Reduce your waste. Turn lights off. Walk more. Compost your scraps. Save water. Offset them.

Offset your entire year of carbon emissions with Greenfleet.


Australian not-for-profit organisation, Greenfleet plants biodiverse native forests in Australia that are protected for a lifetime.

Biodiverse forests capture carbon emissions to help protect our climate, improve soil and water quality and provide habitat for native wildlife. There are a bunch of organisations out there, but we did our research and Greenfleet came out on top.

On the blog

Ways to reduce your carbon footprint

Jump on the blog to discover how you can transform habits to help make a difference.

On the blog
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We acknowledge and honour First Nations peoples throughout Australia and recognise their continuing connection to land, waters and culture. We pay respect to Elders past, present and future as custodians of this land.

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