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Payment Security

Bared has partnered with the following payment gateway providers to process transactions via our website.


Bared has chosen PayPal as a payment gateway partner. PayPal’s payment processing system has achieved PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) certification.

PCI DSS are comprehensive requirements that all businesses who handle credit and debt payments must comply with, despite the volume of transactions being processed.

All PayPal website payment standards take you to a PayPal-hosted checkout page. No Bared employee or Bared PayPal user can see the credit card information linked to your PayPal account.

Bared’s website doesn’t require SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology to host PayPal transactions, as PayPal’s independently protected internal SSL ensures none of your information is being passed through the PayPal website to us.

Any communication between you, using your PayPal account, and PayPal, is encrypted. This makes it almost impossible for sensitive information to be intercepted by an unauthorised party, as long as your browser and local network support the use of encrypted data transmissions.

In order to maintain security of this information, no PayPal information is stored on our servers, but used only on an individual transaction basis (e.g. processing a refund via PayPal).

Shop Pay

Bared has chosen Shop Pay as a payment gateway partner. Shop Pay offers an accelerated checkout process, so you won’t need to manually enter your credit card or shipping information at checkout (as these details can be pre-saved to your Shop Pay account).

To create a Shop Pay account:

  1. Select “Pay with Shop Pay” at checkout;
  2. Enter in your billing and shipping information;
  3. Provide an email address;
  4. Click “Save my Information for a Faster Checkout”.

To verify and authorise your purchase, you will need to receive a SMS notification containing a 6-digit code to enter at checkout.

Your billing and shipping information is securely stored on Shopify’s Level 1 PCI DSS compliant servers and is only shared with Bared if you place an order. Your pre-filled information can re-appear if you make a subsequent purchase, making the checkout process quick and simple. Your payment and personal details are encrypted end to end.

If you would like to delete your saved information, click here.

Shop Pay is further committed to offsetting carbon emissions caused by ecommerce delivery. If you pay using the Shop Pay feature on our website, Shopify will calculate the emissions produced in the delivery process. Shopify offsets the shipment of your package via the Brazil Nut Concession Forest Conservation Project, which protects more than 291,566 hectares of tropical forest in Peru and will prevent 14.5 million tonnes of CO2 emissions. If you’d like to find out more, click here.

Apple Pay

Bared has chosen Apple Pay as a payment gateway partner. Apple Pay offers an accelerated checkout process so you won’t need to manually enter your credit card or shipping information at checkout (as these details are pre-saved to your Apple account).

You can add a credit, debit or prepaid card to your Apple Pay account. Once added, this information is encrypted and sent to Apple servers. Apple decrypts the data, determines your card’s payment network and re-encrypts the data with a key that only your payment network can unlock.

Apple Pay utilises tokenisation.

  1. After you’ve clicked the Apple Pay button at checkout, your card details held within your Apply Pay account are replaced with a token, known as a Device Account Number.
  2. This token is securely passed from you to Bared, along with a transaction-specific dynamic security code.
  3. Neither Apple nor your device sends your actual payment card numbers to Bared.
  4. Only the last four digits of your Device Account Number are recorded for the purpose of providing a refund to you, if required.

You can check out via our website when using Safari on your iPhone, iPad or Mac. Simply tap on the Apple Pay button and securely authenticate the transaction via Face ID, Touch ID or your passcode.

Google Pay

Bared has chosen Google Pay as a payment gateway partner. Google Pay offers an accelerated checkout process, so you won’t need to manually enter your credit card or shipping information (as it is pre-saved).

You can add credit or debit cards to your Google Pay account.

Google Pay will not send us your actual credit card number, instead, Google Pay utilises tokenisation. A token replaces your actual credit and debit card numbers. This is how it works:

  1. You verify your identity when you add a debit or credit card to Google Pay.
  2. Your mobile device securely stores this information as tokens.
  3. When you click the Google Pay button, a request is initiated to the Google Pay servers.
  4. Your information is released from the Google Pay server in the form of a token.
  5. Google Pay transmits these tokens from you to our payment terminal via end-to-end encryption.

Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox or UCWeb UC Browser will allow you to checkout using Google Pay. Click the Google Pay button at checkout and Google Pay will provide your information to our payment provider. Simply authenticate your information to conclude your purchase.

Please note, we may disclose your details where required by law to government or regulatory authorities.

Pricing Policy

All prices are shown in AUD and are inclusive of 10% GST.

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