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Bared Footwear


Caring For Your Shoes

We put careful consideration into the creation of your shoes so that they will last you a long time! We do ask that after some love and wear, you give them a little love and attention to keep them happy and kicking for years!

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Shoe Care
Shoe Care
Shoe Care


The majority of our shoes are leather and for good reason - it is breathable, durable and comfortable! Leather can sometimes start firm but with a little love will soften and mould to your foot. Leather is best cared for with a good quality polish or conditioner, helping to pop moisture back into the leather and keep it hydrated.

Suede & Nubuck

Before the first outing of your new shoes, spray them with a good quality waterproofing spray to protect them from water absorption and marks! To remove any dry, dirty marks grab yourself a suede/nubuck brush and work the nap continuously in the same direction. To revitalise your shoes, we recommend using a suede and nubuck specific reviver or shampoo.


Modern patent leathers are a smooth leather with a plastic coating. This means they are water resistant. Yay! Due to the coating however, a regular hydrating leather polish or condition will not work. We recommend using a lack polish instead. It is a patent specific protector that helps to preserve the elasticity of the patent and works to prevent cracking.

Calf Hair

Calf hair is a leather that has not had the hair removed. It can be quite delicate and may be susceptible to bald slightly if you often have high abrasion areas on your shoes from rubbing or scuffing. The best maintenance is to take care when wearing your shoes. Unfortunately, if balding occurs there is no way to reverse it.


Satin is a very delicate material to maintain and when cleaning be gentle! With a soft-bristled brush or dry cloth, brush away any dirt on the satin - being very careful not to rub it into the fabric! Use a damp cloth with a small amount of woolwash to blot any stains, following the grain of the fabric. Finally, “rinse” the shoe by patting with a cold, damp cloth to remove any soap residue.


Metallic leathers are created using a hot press technique in which foil is bonded to the leather. As the foil is just a lining on the leather, it can be more susceptible to scratches, which can expose the leather underneath. There is no process we know of to re-foil shoes, so please tread with care! If you do scuff your shoes, metallic paint pens (try a Posca, or similar) can be used to restore some sparkle to your shoes.


Canvas is a thick durable fabric. To clean your canvas shoes, use a damp cloth with soap and gently rub any areas that are marked or dirty. To protect your shoes, apply an aerosol fabric waterproof spray.

Shoe Care

Our Shoe Care Range

The more you care, the longer they'll wear!

To ensure your shoes remain in tip-top condition, we suggest you check out our shoe care range.

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Shoe Care Essentials

Leather Conditioner

Leather Conditioner

Breathe new life into your leather shoes with our Leather Conditioner. A nourishing treatment that prevents leather from drying out and cracking over time. Your shoes need to stay hydrated, too.

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Water Satin Protector

Water & Stain Protector

Before their debut, protect your shoes with our Water & Stain Protector to prevent water absorption and marks. Our lightweight mist allows the leather to breathe while also maintaining its integrity.

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Black Shoe Wax

Black Shoe Wax

Let those shoes shine with our Black Shoe Wax. This wax will remove any scuff marks and will help to maintain the colour of your shoes. We’ve also made our very own applicator brush to help.

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