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Bared Footwear


Get To Know B.plantfoam™


We work hard to continuously improve our practices and introduce new materials that tread lighter on our planet. Our footbed is a key component featured in every shoe, making it a key focus of our journey when finding components that are kinder to our planet.

If you haven’t heard yet, B.plantfoam™ is our unique biomechanical footbed crafted using materials that have less impact on the environment. It is derived from 72% plant-based materials (USDA Certified Biobased), and although it’s not perfect (100% bio-based would be perfect), we are extremely excited by this new technology. With a carbon footprint of 3.85 kg CO2e, it reduces CO2 emissions by 70% when compared to traditional petroleum-based footbeds.

While our journey is far from over, we are excited to be able to introduce these 72% bio-based footbeds into our shoes.

Footbed B.plantfoam™
Footbed B.plantfoam™

Our Famous Footbed

Our original biomechanical footbed is crafted from airblown polyurethane (PU), which is a petroleum-based material. Its benefits include its lightweight, durability and overall support. Although these elements are a crucial part of our shoes, this material does, however, have a negative impact on our planet, as it’s synthetic, derived from fossil fuels which release carbon dioxide during production.

Our Journey So Far

Phase 1:

In 2021, we launched a new footbed that is made from 60% sugarcane. Sourced from Brazil, sugarcane is a renewable resource that grows quickly and relies on rainfall (not irrigation). The process of growing sugarcane crops has the additional benefit of removing carbon from the atmosphere. While still a better alternative to PU, we wanted something with a higher biobased content, therefore the search continued.

In 2022, we partnered with a company called Evoco to roll out B.plantfoam™.

Footbed B.plantfoam™
Footbed B.plantfoam™
Phase 2:

How Is B.Plantfoam™ Processed?

It all starts from the earth. B.plantfoam™ is derived from 72% plant-based materials, its main source is industrial corn waste.

From there, natural additives are added to convert the materials into biochemical ingredients to create a high-performance foam, B.plantfoam™.

Why Did We Make This Change To Our Traditional PU Footbeds?

We understand that whatever we make will impact our planet. We want our shoes to be durable, whilst having the ability to break down in time. We have learnt it’s not just about repurposing plastics or offsetting carbon emissions but sourcing bio-based products and reducing our footprint. More people are asking about vegan or more sustainable fashion options. We hear you.

There are lots of components that make up a shoe, and as we work towards developing and sourcing materials that have less impact on the earth, we were extremely excited when we discovered this material and are proud to say that by the end of 2023, all of our shoes will have these B.Plantfoam footbeds in them.

“Our goal is to achieve as close to 100% bio-based materials as we can. We will continue to work with our partners to achieve a footbed that reaches as close to this as scientifically possible.”
- Georgie, Head Of Product

Discover Our B.Plantfoam Range

If you’re on the hunt for new shoes, we’ve got plenty of styles for any occasion. Treat yourself to something that not only looks amazing but is kinder to our earth. Check out our collection of women’s B.plantfoam™ styles for your next staple pair.

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